All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
kids fishing weekend 2011

Monday, June 21, 2010

To all Dads

I was out of town yesterday so I wasn't able to do a post yesterday so here is my short and sweet one today.

(Left) This is my Dad and Mom, Jim and Deanna. The best parents in the world. My Daddy has been there for me through some of the greatest times in my life and some of the hardest times. I was very blessed to get the Parents that I did and I find myself as I get older trying hard to copy their parenting ways as much as I can. I don't think I do them as much justice as I would like sometimes but.....I will succeed in it eventually. The picture on the right is my Husband Doug with three of our four boys. Austin our 5 year old didn't want to fish this day and this is the most current picture of them I have. He is such a great Dad to all four boys and a pretty darn good husband to lol. We spent the day playing ball in the back yard at my In-Laws and just enjoyed the day without having anything pressing that had to be done until later in the day. We then went to Austins (our 5 year old) T-Ball game and although they play for fun the kids are encouraged to try to catch the ball and if they get the ball they are suppose to go through the actions of trying to get the batter out. Well Austin made his Daddy very proud yesterday. He stopped the ball and then picked it up, ran to second base and stepped on it and got the other player out!!!! The other player still gets to run the rest of the bases, this is just T-Ball but hey he knew what he was doing and made the crowd CHEER!!! The kids each have one parent on the field with them to help out and Doug goes out with Austin. I saw the smile on his face from the bleachers. I only wish I had my camera ;( I hope everyone had a great Fathers Day and were able to remember all the good times they had with their Dads. Happy Fathers Day to my Grandpas who are with God now also I know you are watching over us everyday. I see little things here and there and think did Grandpa Hood or Grandpa Haslag put that there for me. Only because they remind me of something they would do. I like to think when I see things that remind me of them that maybe they had a little to do with putting that particular thing in my path so I would remember them at that moment. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


This is my Daddy!!!!

I have the most wonderful Daddy in the world!!!! He was a lot like the song by Holly Dunn "Daddy's Hands". He was a firm man who knew when he needed to be firm with us but at the same time he knew when to be gentle and loving. I had a flash back to when I was a little girl tonight as I was tucking the boys in to bed. I was putting my youngest two boys to bed and I kissed Austin good night and tucked him in and told him to have sweet dreams (this is something we do all the time he likes it)and then proceeded to go in to tuck Dakota in to bed. Well Dakota had a rough night fighting with his brothers and then trying to get them in trouble he lied and told me that he was being hit by one of his older brothers (travis lol) and then after talking to both boys found out he in fact hadn't been hit at all. Well I let him know it was not ok to lie at anytime and made him sit on his bed and then it was bedtime shortly after that. Well I walk in to tuck him in and find him crying! I said "oh hun what are you crying for?" He wrapped his arms around my neck and said "I am soooooo sorry I lied to you Mom!! I really am!!!" I looked at his face and he was so sad and upset and I sat with him and let him know what he did was wrong and I was disappointed that he chose to do that but that didn't change the fact that I Loved him and always will no matter what he does.Well this is where my memory of my Daddy comes into play. As I was sitting with him trying to think of something to say to get him to calm down and think of something else my mind went to when i was a little girl and I had trouble sleeping. As a little girl when I was just having trouble sleeping or if I was sad for one reason or another my Daddy could always come in and help me fall alseep. He would sit with me on my bed and stroke my hair and in his soft kind loving voice tell me to close my eyes and dream of Rainbows and clouds. I would fall alseep dreaming of beautiful clouds and rainbows. So tonight I was able to calm my son down and had him sleeping hopefully dreaming of beautiful rainbows and turtle shaped clouds (he loves turtles lol). I still to this day have trouble sleeping sometimes and I try to relax and hear my Daddy's voice telling me to relax, close my eyes and dream of rainbows and white fluffy clouds. I love you Daddy (you to Mom lol) thank you for taking a firm hand with me when needed and also thank you for knowing when I needed your kind and loving way.