All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Friday, October 29, 2010

Prayers Please!!

I know most of you are friends with my mom so you already know but I am going to ask anyways. If you all could keep my Mom and Dad in your prayers I would appreciate it. Mom is having trouble with her ear, you will have to look at her post to get the idea on her ear problem, and she is needing a little extra love and prayer right now. My Dad is in surgery as we speak for his shoulder, he will be fine I just know it but still a surgery is a surgery and I hate that he has to go through it. He is needing a little extra to today. Oh and I guess you could say one more for my Mom because she has to be at home caring for my Dad who is not known for staying in bed and doing as the Dr. tells him. She is going to have her hands full!!! LOL We are going out for youth season deer hunting this weekend with the oldest boys so keep your fingers, toes and whatever else you can crossed. I will post pics soon, that is if they are blessed enough to have deer walk out and give them a shot. Deer don't like to play by the rules, they are suppose to stand in the middle of the field broad side and not move but we have yet to convince them to do this LOL. Have a GREAT Halloween everyone!!!!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hello Again!!!

Hey there everyone!!! I have been one busy lady and have not had anytime to blog but I am here today!! Well here is a little update on me and my family. My husband has been doing good, he was in an accident involving the BIG Fire truck and the brush truck a few weeks ago (thankfully he and his boss were both able to walk away fairly unscathed) and he is now just thankful to be alive and is enjoying life to it's fullest. He is spending as much time with the boys as possible and loving every minute of it!! Travis is doing amazingly good!! He is making all A's and B's and 1 C+ but that is going up to a B as we speak. He played an amazing football season to his team went undefeated the whole season on A team and B team until this last game, they played the other Middle school here in town who were also undefeated and lost the A game by 1 touchdown but B team went undefeated all season. It is amazing how much he has matured in the last year, I am sooooo proud of him!! Cody is also doing great!! He is making A's and B's and 1 C also lol and has had a great football season too. His team went undefeated all season also and they just won their Bowl game this weekend!! Both my older boys have some major talent when it comes to football. Now for Dakota......oh my Dakota lol..... he is in the third grade now (how did that happen?) He is really doing great in school he is making all A's and B's and seems to be absorbing all that is taught very well!! I am going to have to get my camera and take pictures of all of Dakotas art work and do a blog just on that one day soon. He is really turning out to be an amazing little artist!! He got that from Grandpa Haslag I guess because it wasn't me!! LOL I didn't inherit that talent.....thanks Dad you passed on allergies to me but no art talent lol. He is doing Cub Scouts again this year and we took him back to his old school for it this year( last year was no fun!!) He is happy to be back with his old friends even if he only gets to see them once a week. I will have to post Cub Scout pictures soon also. Now for the littlest boy, Austin, oh where to start.......Hmmmm....well he is in Kindergarten this yearand he absolutely LOVES IT!!! He has been coming home with new info everyday. He came home one day and put tape all over my house and told me those were his corners (i guess they do different stations at school called corners) He then goes to each corner and does an activity all night long. His teacher sent home a paper stating the expectations through the year, here is what it said. Kids are expected to be able to say and recognize and write their upper and lowercase alphabet, Count to, recognize and write to 110, know their home address, phone number and their birth date all by the end of the school year. Austin can recognize, say and write his alphabet both forwards and backwards, he can count to 110 and he stops there. We say can you count higher than that and he says "well yeah but my teacher said we only have to count to 110 so that is as high as I need to go" LOL. He also has started reading simple books with very little help from me I only help him on bigger words and even then he can sound out most of those word to. He can do simple math and he loves patterns. He knows more now than they require at the beginning of first grade!! Needless to say I am one proud Momma!! ALL my boys are doing great and life is good!! Oh and I am doing good to.....not much ever changes as far as me, I wake up, I babysit all day and then I enjoy my family in the evenings. So there is the update of all my men, hope everyone is doing great and is enjoying life!!!