All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Past and Present

I have really been struggling to understand what my son Travis is going through as a kid these days. I feel like a horrible mom sometimes for not understanding and I do try and if I don't understand then I call my poor mother and talk to her about it and ask her advice. I know that growing up all kids have difficult times and have to deal with them but things have changed so much these day. I found this picture and it got me thinking about when I was growing up.

(this is a sunset picture of the church steeple where I went to grade school at St. Peters School and Church)

I grew up (thanks to my parents) in a wonderful home and as a child we all had our difficulties like any one but looking back it seems like we hardly had any problems compared to the kids these day. My biggest worry in grade school and Middle school was boys, friends and doing my best in school. I grew up out in the country (something i wish I could do for my kids) and i didn't have a lot of extra "stuff" my favorite pass time was going outside and playing up in trees with my brother or riding my bike through mud puddles. There was no reason to be inside because we only had three channels on the TV and we had watched all the movies we owned lol and video games what r video games lol. Thank you mom and dad I know i might not have liked it as a kid not having kids living next to me and town being 30 minutes away but as an adult I wish i could go back there sometimes. Now in schools today the biggest worries for my son are of course GIRLS!!!!, friends, making the best grades he can, and unfortunatly pressures to drink and smoke and do drugs. I can only praythat we have given him the tools in know how to say no and make it through these difficult times. Travis has told us of kids who are in his class (this is when he was in 6th grade mind you) who drink and do drugs and smoke and they were only 12 years old. It scares me to think that we have lost control of our children this much. I am lucky my husband is around to be there for Travis as his Dad because he is the one that keeps Travis' head on straight. I feel like I don't know what i am doing anymore lol. I tell my husband that I will do the work when they are little if he will take over the hard stuff when they get older lol. Just joking of course lol well mostly joking. He has a cool head when it comes to nderstanding and dealing with boy problems because he understands them I am trying but WOW it is difficult. Travis is now 13 and I am so thankful for my husband being there for Travis and thankful for him being there to help me understand what Travis needs from me because I am in the dark. Well wish us luck through the teen years and I hope this post made sense I was kinda rambling had a lot on my mind and had to get it out

Friday, August 14, 2009

hey there

Hey there everyone!!!! Sorry I have not been blogging or commenting on blogs it has been crazy around here. School starts next week on Wed. so my boys are torn between wanting more summer and seeing their friends. Dakota get to go to a new school. He is pretty excited about that and his school is HUGE!!!! My husband and the fire chief have been at the school the past week checking capasity load regulations and checking all alarms and anything else fire related. He said he has been all over the school it is amazing how big it is. In the fourth and fifth grade classrooms there are computers on everyones desk. Yes every child has their own personal computer. I think this is very cool and very very expensive lol. Travis is going into the 7th grade and is so excited he is turning 13 this weekend. Yes he is going to be A TEEN!!!!! Oh lord almighty help me!!!! He already blames his mouthy atttitude on being a teen. he says "mom it is just how teens talk" I laugh and say well not my teen in my house towards this mom. He usually stops after that and if not then dad gives him the shut up or your grounded look lol. Well I will update on how everything goes asap like I said it has been crazy. BTW I hope all of you are doing well I will be checking your blogs when i get another free second. As for me i have to go wrangle some two and one year olds.