All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
kids fishing weekend 2011

Friday, October 9, 2009

Dougs hunting story

October 4th me and my husband Doug went to one of his friends land and sat all afternoon waiting for ANYTHING!!!! buck or doe it didn't matter even if we couldn't shoot it we just wanted proof that there were some deer still roaming around. Well we sat there for about 5 hours waiting and waiting and waiting but nothing came out. It was just about to get dark when we saw some movement across the field so we got our binoculars out to get a closer look and to our amazement there about 7o yards away was a HUGE 13 point but. At the time we didn't know how many points he had just that his body was huge and he had a good sized rack on his head. So we waited until he got within 25 yards and Doug made a noise to stop him and then THWACK!!! he shot his bow and nailed him!!!! Doug came back the next marning to find him and he and his buddy Lucas found him about 100 yrds away from where he shot him. Here is my husbands monster buck for the season he is one proud man.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

new photos of my husband and I

Saturday morning (prior to getting the "crud") my husband and I went in the back yard and took some pictures of me and then us and I wanted to share them. I kinda like them. Doug wanted a new picture of me so he played photographer and made me stand in the back yard and look silly for about 20 minutes lol. These are the results. BTW I am NOT vain lol, just kinda like my pics.

Friday, September 4, 2009

ERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!! VENTING!!!!!

Ok this is me venting about opinionated people. I spend time on facebook everyday and I like to update my status and doing quizes and taking the occasional poll. Well I took a poll today about Obama speaking to students without parental consent and I voted no. It has nothing to do with color or anything about him as a man it has everything to do with the fact that I do not agree with him speaking to our children without our consent and I personally do not agree with his views and his way of doing things. These are my personal views and that is that so I took this poll and voted no just like many others have and this is the response I got from one of my friends who disagreed with me. I'm going to have to disagree with you on this one, Julie. Its one thing to disagree with some or many of the man's views, but he's the President of the United States...........previous presidents have addressed the school children of this country without the outcry that we're hearing this time. He's not seeking to convert the schoolchildren of ... Read Morethis country to some particular political ideology or way of thinking.It seems that many of us have lost all respect for the office of President, and that is simply wrong. I do NOT rememer asking for thier opinion. ERRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!! He was nice about it but still I was just taking a simple poll.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Travis has started football practice and games start in two weeks. He is a go get 'em kinda kid. He likes to pick out the biggest kid on his team right from the start and take them on even though he knows that they will knock him on his butt. He likes to show the coaches he is not afraid of any of the guys no matter how big they are. Well he came home last night and was telling me about practice and how he took on the two biggest kids on the team and although he said he thinks the coaches thought he was tough for taking them on he lifted his shirt and showed me the full cleete mark right under where his pads stopped. Apparently one of the big guys he took on fell and his cleete somehow connected with Travis' chest. Travis tried to explain how it happened but i still can't visualise it. Then he woke up this morning and said his wrist hurt I am guessing from two weeks of tackling huge dudes in pads I am just waiting for the phone call that he is injured at practice or go to a game and he gets injured it won't suprise me at all. I have to prepare myself for injuries so if they don't happen I will be happy lol. have a great week everyone and hope that travis comes out of this football season without any MAJOR injuries.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Past and Present

I have really been struggling to understand what my son Travis is going through as a kid these days. I feel like a horrible mom sometimes for not understanding and I do try and if I don't understand then I call my poor mother and talk to her about it and ask her advice. I know that growing up all kids have difficult times and have to deal with them but things have changed so much these day. I found this picture and it got me thinking about when I was growing up.

(this is a sunset picture of the church steeple where I went to grade school at St. Peters School and Church)

I grew up (thanks to my parents) in a wonderful home and as a child we all had our difficulties like any one but looking back it seems like we hardly had any problems compared to the kids these day. My biggest worry in grade school and Middle school was boys, friends and doing my best in school. I grew up out in the country (something i wish I could do for my kids) and i didn't have a lot of extra "stuff" my favorite pass time was going outside and playing up in trees with my brother or riding my bike through mud puddles. There was no reason to be inside because we only had three channels on the TV and we had watched all the movies we owned lol and video games what r video games lol. Thank you mom and dad I know i might not have liked it as a kid not having kids living next to me and town being 30 minutes away but as an adult I wish i could go back there sometimes. Now in schools today the biggest worries for my son are of course GIRLS!!!!, friends, making the best grades he can, and unfortunatly pressures to drink and smoke and do drugs. I can only praythat we have given him the tools in know how to say no and make it through these difficult times. Travis has told us of kids who are in his class (this is when he was in 6th grade mind you) who drink and do drugs and smoke and they were only 12 years old. It scares me to think that we have lost control of our children this much. I am lucky my husband is around to be there for Travis as his Dad because he is the one that keeps Travis' head on straight. I feel like I don't know what i am doing anymore lol. I tell my husband that I will do the work when they are little if he will take over the hard stuff when they get older lol. Just joking of course lol well mostly joking. He has a cool head when it comes to nderstanding and dealing with boy problems because he understands them I am trying but WOW it is difficult. Travis is now 13 and I am so thankful for my husband being there for Travis and thankful for him being there to help me understand what Travis needs from me because I am in the dark. Well wish us luck through the teen years and I hope this post made sense I was kinda rambling had a lot on my mind and had to get it out

Friday, August 14, 2009

hey there

Hey there everyone!!!! Sorry I have not been blogging or commenting on blogs it has been crazy around here. School starts next week on Wed. so my boys are torn between wanting more summer and seeing their friends. Dakota get to go to a new school. He is pretty excited about that and his school is HUGE!!!! My husband and the fire chief have been at the school the past week checking capasity load regulations and checking all alarms and anything else fire related. He said he has been all over the school it is amazing how big it is. In the fourth and fifth grade classrooms there are computers on everyones desk. Yes every child has their own personal computer. I think this is very cool and very very expensive lol. Travis is going into the 7th grade and is so excited he is turning 13 this weekend. Yes he is going to be A TEEN!!!!! Oh lord almighty help me!!!! He already blames his mouthy atttitude on being a teen. he says "mom it is just how teens talk" I laugh and say well not my teen in my house towards this mom. He usually stops after that and if not then dad gives him the shut up or your grounded look lol. Well I will update on how everything goes asap like I said it has been crazy. BTW I hope all of you are doing well I will be checking your blogs when i get another free second. As for me i have to go wrangle some two and one year olds.

Monday, July 20, 2009

My fun weekend

I had such a great weekend! My husband cooked a steak dinner Friday night and it was amazing with the grilled vege's. Then Saturday night I got taken out to go dancing for my birthday. We had so much fun and I got to dance from the time I walked into the place to when they turned the lights back on LOL yep we closed the place down. I think my favorite part of the weekend was Sunday morning. My husband and I got up and went to clear some shooting lanes by the tree stands. We went for a hike through the woods and picked some amazingly good Wild Blackberries. YUMMY!!!!!! We were able to spen time together just the two of us and then picked up the kiddos and had a wonderful afternoon and evening spend some wonderful time together. Here are some pictures of me and my huby in the woods.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Fire DepartmentFloat trip 2009

My husband and I went on a float trip this past weekend and had so much fun! I don't have the water pics yet because we still have some pictures left on it to take on our family float trip in a couple weeks but we got some good ones of friday night. Now I am not much of a drinker but one of the guys brought a paint can ( a mixture of a lot of different hard alcohol ) I did drink that and it deffinatly hit me hard but it was worth it and no reprocusions the next morning. Here are some of the pics taken Friday night while everyone was sitting around haveing a great time talking and hanging out.
This is part of the group having a great time. Now the paint can amkes an appearance LOL. These are just a few of the photos we got. We had a really good time and can't wait to do it again but I am REALLY looking forward totaking my kids with my parents and brother and sister and their families. It is going to be fun andi can't wait ot show you all the photos of that trip you can guarantee there will be a lot more than this lol.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Our 4th of July celebration

We always buy a TON of fireworks each year and have a bunch of people come over and the kids get all geared up and shoot fireworks ALL day and most of the night lol. My husband is very protective of the kids so you will see them with goggles or safety glasses on and gloves that is how he keeps them from burning themselves and so far it has worked very well. We had a big group of people over on the fourth so i won't bother with everyones names cus some of them i don't even know lol. Hope you enjoy all the pics.
This is most of the group that came over the kids are in the next picture. LOL
These are some of the kiddos that were there shooting off the fireworks

Austin and his parachute guy

This is Austin shooting the BIG gun

Dakota lighting fireworks like a big kid

This is Austin lighting a smoke bomb with daddy and the next are what happened after he lit it. LOL

Austin throwing his poppers up in the air and the laughed his butt off when they hit and popped

The storm was a brewin'

The basketball game that took place right before the BIG fireworks

Sunday, July 5, 2009

post to come

I will be doing my fourth of July photos tomorrow sometime. I ran out of time today but they are comeing I PROMISE!!!!!!! Can't wait to look at some of your alls also.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Fire Department BBQ

My husband works for a firedepartment here as you all probably know from one of my previous posts. We had their annual Fire Department BBQ this past weekend and we had such a good time. Unfortunatly Austin was sick and the other two older boys were unable to come along but Dakota came and swam like a fish all day. We had so much fun, we wish the other three could have been there like they are every year but next year we will have them all we hope. Here are some pics from this past weekend.

This is me having a beer and swimming in the pool it was so nice but really hot.

This is Dakota my little fish.

Me attempting to play Horseshoes. I didn't do so well LOL I think me and my poor partner took last place.

This is my husband Doug doing very well at Horseshoes.

This is Jack the best Fire Chief in Missouri (in my opinion)

This is our family's Best friend Luke ( his name on the fire department is TaTonka which means buffalo)

This is our other family friend Sean (aka the gun show)

My friend Marsha has the cutest little girl named Taylor her father has indian in him so she has those beautiful high cheek bones and when she smiles at you she always squints at you so my husband has given her the name of "squints"

This is my friend Marsha and her daughter Taylor and me and my daycare boy Colton (his daddy is on the fire department and when we have fire department functions he is usually connected to my hip he is such a sweet little boy with a typical two year old ornary streak.

All in all we had a wonderful day and we are going to be having a wonderful fourth of July celbation at our house this weekend I will post pics after to show you the fun.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

hey there

Hey there everyone. Sorry I have not been on lately I have been very busy with my summer time non stop on the go days. I will be updating and blogging ASAP. I can't wait to have time to get back on here. TTYL.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Very Cool Discovery

My husband Doug, step-son Cody, friend Matt and Me went to another 3D bowshoot today and it was a Lot of fun. Doug took 3rd, Cody took 5th and I took 2nd (first time I ever placed WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!) We got done shooting the first part of this bow shoot and walking out of the woods Cody stepped over the cutest little turtle. He was about the size of a half dollar and we named him little bit or at least until Austin renames him LOL. As I was looking for a container to keep little bit in till we were done shooting our friend larry said in a whisper "Julie come look at this". I walk up the hill a little and what do i see but this cute little terrified fawn. Its momma must have been scared away thismorning while the people came to set up for the shool. We are a little worried that there will be so much human scent that the momma won't comen back to it. it stood there most of the day just shaking I felt so bad for it but kne i couldn't keep everything so I settled for the turtle (it can't jump a fence LOL). This is our little friends.