All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
kids fishing weekend 2011

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our CRAZY weekend

Well this weekend was our annual Murph-A-Palooza and it was a Blast. We call it that because the guy who's house we have this party at his last name is Murphy. Last year was the first of many more Murph-A-Palooza and I thought the reason for the party was just for the fun of it but it wasn't all the guys thier wives got together and passed around a TIP jar and I thought it was for us who had put in so much tiime and money and used our personal equipment for the party to help cover costs but it wasn't. At about midnight that night Murphy (we call him that instead of his real name) came to me and my husband with about $350 buck raised by our friends and even some of thier parents (people who don't even know us) to help cover the cost of our son Austins surgery coming up in July. I cried like a baby for about 20 minutes. I knew I had some pretty cool frinds but WOW!!!! This was amazing to me. I love my friends.

Well back to this years Murph-A-palooza. At this party we dress up as different rock stars or invent one of our own. Then we play Rock Band until well into the morning (4:30am this year). Well needless to say we partied like crazy this year and had such a great time. Thank You Mom and Dad for watching the boys so we could have our fun (this is the only time each year that we actually party the rest of the year we are pretty conservative belive it or not LOL). Well are you ready to see me and my husband and our crazy night here you go.

(first photo)
This is Slash andBetty Boop making an appearance.

(second photo)
me aka Lady Gaga (attempt at her anyways) and Doug my hubby aka Dr. Mount it (invented rocker, my husband does taxidermy that is why the name is that). (third photo) the host Murphy aka Sylent Beat. (fourth photo) Justin and Marsha aka Tragidy and his groupie LOL

(fifth photo) is my husband again rockin out LOL. (sixth photo) John A and Judy aka Alice Cooper and his groupie made an appearance. (seventh photo ) John W aka Gene Simons. (eighth photo) this is our group that always play rock band together our name is Taxidermical Insanity (my husband and the guys came up with the name LOL) and last is a close up of me don't know why. LOL We are normal people I promise. Well I hope you enjoyed seeing us dressed up.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

My two older men

These are my two older boys Travis on top and Cody on bottom of photo. Travis is my 12 year old and Cody is my 11 year old step son. Growing up I wanted to get married you know with the wight dress and beautifully decorated church and the wonderful reception and the HONEYMOON!!!!! Then I wanted to have a family with my husband and live happily ever after. Well as you all know things don't always work out the way we want it to. On New Years eve 1995 going into 1996 was the night that changed my life forever. Long story short without details LOL I got pregnant that night. I was 15 years old and didn't know what to do. I went to my sister for help and she was by my side when I found out that I was indeed pregnant. I was lost I had no idea what I was going to do. I mean I was 15 i was still a kid myself and how the heck was I going to tell my parents that thier baby was going to have a baby. Well I told my parents 13 years ago today that i was pregnant with my sister and her busband Bill by my side. My poor mom cried and my Daddy laughed and said he thought it would have been Tessa my sister since she was older and engaged to be married. Then they found out that it was their best friends son that was the father and that was another blow. Well after the shock wore off my parents hugged me and said well this is what we are going to do and they basically laid out the plan and that is what I needed was my mommy and daddy to help me figure out where i needed to go from there. Well they helped me through my pregnancy and my delivery (poor mom and dad I think I almost broke my poor moms hand and I bruised the heck out of my dads hand). Travis entered this world August 15, 1996 my due date wasn't till September 23 so he was really early but my little body couldn,t hold him anymore. He was 5 pounds and 13 ounces and had a TON of hair. Amazingly he came home a week later and has been healthy as can be since then. My mom and Dad helped me through the years raising my son. We lived out at thier house till Travis was four years old. I was working at a Daycare in town and there was this cute guy who's son was in my class and all the girls that worked there liked him but he was married. Well come to find out his wife and him were getting a divorce and he was newly single and unknown to me he actually had been going to work and telling his boss about Cody's (my stepson now) teacher and how cute he thought she was. Well we started talking and I loved his son to death even before we started seeing eachother so we would talk about the boys who were the closest friends already. Well we really hit it off and had so much in common. Our boys loved being together and things were perfect so early on we talked about getting married. Well details of all that are not important but we did get married and our boys fight like brothers and defend eachother like brothers and laugh like brother and play like brothers. So my husband and i have been together for 8 years now and my parents are still there for me with all my boys but Travis has a special bond with them that non of the other Grandkids could ever have or understand. Cody is a great step son although trying at time for me we have a pretty good relationship. So my life has not turned out to be what I expected or what I dreamed it would be..... it is sooooooo much better. I still have a close relationship with my parents and i am married to a great man and I have two more boys to go with the older two. So i didn't get the beautiful white dress or the beautifully decorated church and the basic traditional marriage. What I got was much more than that. We have never been a normal family we will always be different from my brother and sister and thier families we have to juggle kids between parents or at least Cody between his mom and dad but we always work it out. I think i am one blessed mommy and step mommy. Sorry I was thinking about my boys this morning and how different things would be and probably for the worse if Travis hadn't come into my life when he did. God has a plan for that boy and we have yet to figure out what it is but you can bet it will be a leadership position no matter what it is. BTW Thanks Mom and Dad for all that you did and still do for me and my family. Hope you all have a wonderful day and take a second to smell the roses today.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Moms Birthday!!!!!

Ok everyone today is my dear mothers birthday so don't forget to send her birthday wishes. I have a treat for you all. Since today is her birthday i want to talk about my Mom Deanna. Well she is going to kill me but I am going to tell a few of her funny stories she wishes to keep quiet but I think you all deserve a treat.

The first story is kinda short. As a child we would be getting ready for school or church and my Mom would be walking around saying "has anyone seen my coffee? I can't find my coffee!!!" and as usual one of us kids or my Dad would say "did you check the closet? " and shortly after that question was asked she would say" I found it!!!" and then we would all laugh at her LOL. So to this day if she says I can't find this or that we laugh and say " did you check the closet?"

I have quite a few stories but I don't want to give away all my laughs in one blog.

The last one is so funny this happened quite a few years ago Mom went down the Blvd. and decided she wanted a blizzard so she pulled in the drive through and" said I would like a blizzard" and the person said "a what?" and mom said " A BLIZZARD!!!! " and then this person asked again " A WHAT!!! " and mom getting frustrated said " A BLIZZARD!!!!!!!" and tis person said " mam please pull around to the next window." So my dear mother pulled around to the next window and the person at the window looked at her and said" I think you are wanting to be over there at DQ you are at Wendy's" LOL Mom looked next door to see that she had pulled into the wrong place and was demanding a Blizzard from Wendy's LOL I don't remember if she got her blizzard or not LOL

Oh man I have so many more going through my head but i better save them.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

A Beautiful Day

Yesterday we buried my Gandpa. The forcast called for rain most of the day so we packed along our umbellas and planed for a sad and nasty rainy day. It was nothing like that. We woke up to the sun shining and fresh air blowing through the windows. I got dressed and still was preparing for a nasty day to come but it didn't. We went to the funeral home and had a good cry and said our goodbye's and walked outside to get into our cars to take Grandpa to the church and the sun was still beautiful even though it wasn't suppose to be. We went into the church and gave Grandpa to God and did our best to let go and listened to Ave maria sung to Grandpa and it was sung beautifully (not as good as Grandpa but it is hard to top that mans voice). As we walked out of the church i put on my sunglasses and let the sun hit me. Grandpa wasn't going to let it rain today until he was buried and he ment it. LOL. We went to the burial and the Full Military Honors was such an honor for my Grandpa. We all cryed and and said our goodbyes one more time and then went on to celebrate his life and the sun still shined all day until about 6 oclock and then it all hit and it hit hard the wind was strong and the lighting was beautiful I believe that was Grandpas way of letting us know he made it and is happy with grandma. He put on quite a show last night.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Update on Austin's Birthday presents

Well we got Austins birthday stuff last night. We asked him what he wanted for his birthday and he said spongebob stuff so that is what we did. He got a spongebob comfortor for his bed along with sheets, new spongebob night clothes a new spongebob shirt and then we got him some colors that you can color in the bathtub in and a few other bath toys lol I know like he needs them. Now we just have to figutre out what both sets of Grandparents can get him and aunts and uncles he is just so spoiled with toys and he has clothes but not to much so he could always use a little more of that lol. Thanks for your thoughts BTW.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Wonderful Grandpa

Well our family and the world has lost one of the greatest men around today. Grandpa passed today May 11, 2009. He had been holding on for quite sometime and my mother had been telling him it was ok we all wanted him to be happy again with Grandma at his side. I went to see him yesterday and sit with my mom on mothers day and my poor Grandpa was so frail. As much as I want him to be here with me and my family i know that I have to be selfless and let him go. He was always such a wonderful Husband, and father and Grandpa. I know I was blessed and I will shed more tears as I am now but I will live on and remember Grandpa as he would want me to remember him. I will post a picture of him here even though you have seen it on my Moms page. He was such a handsom man.

Austins Birthday

Ok I know I already posted something today but my mom left me a comment that reminded me that i need to come up with something for Austins birthday next weekend. He is turning 4 and has all kinds of stuff and i have no idea what to get him. Any ideas would be welcome here. He is a typical boy as far as his interests i am just drawing a blank so mabey some fresh ideas would help thanks so much in advance. BTW this is the little turd your are thinking of a present for.
Thanks again looking forward to your ideas, Lord knows I have none


So my three well four year old as soon as this weekend (what to get him???? anyways) was sitting in my room on my bed last night and asked me what I was doing so i told him I was waiting on his slowpoke brother Travis to get out of the shower so I could take my shower. Then he says to me yeah you know mom I need a bath to. I said ok why do you need a bath and he informed me that his "hair was dorty, his face was dorty, his body was dorty, his legs were dorty and his feets were dorty and he needed to get clean." I laughed and said ok thats fine you can have a bath (he was geting one anyways btw.) So then I asked him do you really want to take a bath or do you just want to play with your bath toys. he thought about this and smiled and said "I actually just want to play wiff da toys" to witch I laughed and said I thought so. He then procedded to ask me "mom can I just have the toys and not get in the water? I laughed and said I thought you wanted to take a bath because you are soooooo "dorty" he smiled and said "no I just want the toys I'll skip the bath." Well needless to say he got a bath weather he wanted to or not. He also got to go in afterwards and be a ducky with his ducky towel on his head. He runs into the living room where Daddy is and quacks and says he is a duck and the he laughes and takes off the towel to "Flash" daddy. He gets a great kick out of that. Well I didn't have anything to blog about today so that is what you get lol I actually Love telling about my handsom young men.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Mothers Day

Well yesterday i took the boys and some food out to my parents house for an early mothers day with my mom. She needed a little grand kid time. We had a wonderful day and got to watch the kids play outside and they also got to make a cake with Grandma so it turned out to be a perfect visit for the most part (my seven year old was a little turd for a while but other than that lol). I woke up this morning and my twelve year old asked if he could make me pancakes and he did a wonderful job they tasted great (a little doughy but hey he did wonderful for his first time). My seven year old wanted to help out so he cut and warmed up a breakfast apple cake and set the table. I ate breakfast with three of my four boys (Cody had to be with his mom of course )and enjoyed breakfast and some nice talks with them. Then they cleared the table and did the dishes. I tell you I felt like a Queen. Then my husband brings me up a hat the says Archery Shack on it (I collect hats and archery shack is where we shoot our bows and they don't make womens hats). He and Randi our friend that works there had a hat made for me. I LOVE IT. Well I hope you all had a WONDERFUL Mothers day and all you me make your wives and mother day special to. They deserve it. I know my mom does.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My mother

My poor mom has been running herself ragged lately trying to be by her dads side when he passes and making sure he is comfortable till that time. She did the same for her mom until she passed and that was only a few months ago. I wanted to do my blog on my dedicated mom who is one of the strongest women I think I have or ever will know. I am so blessed to be able to call her mom. Growing up she was always there for us kids. She never made excuses for our behavior she just taught us how to fix the behavior before it got out of control (something I have yet to master as a parent). We all tested her but she held her own with us three kids. She and my Dad were a team when it came to us kids 90% of the time there was no divide and conquer Lol they stood strong together. As a kids we did our share to frazle my Mom. LOL during the summer my Dad was home with us in the daytime since he was a teacher and my brother Greg and I LOVED to be outside digging in dirt, riding our bikes, crawling through drain pipes by the creek and climbing trees. Those were just a few of our favorite pass times. I don't know how many times mom would come home and we were either covered from head to toe in dirt or on wet days mud lol. Our FAVORITE thing to do was about the time Mom would come hom we would go up to the orchard and climb to the very tip top of this HUGE cedar tree and wait for her to come outside and yell for us so we could say "MOM WERE UP HERE" lol she doesn't like heights. We loved it on really windy days because we would litterally be at the top of this tree and she would come up and find us swaying back and forth at the tip top of this tree Greg on one side and me hanging on to the other side. LOL. Yeah looking back now it wasn't the smartest thing to do but..... as kids it was a BLAST. I am surprised she made it through as sane as she is. She was a great mom to have growing up but she showed to me what a true dedicated Mom she was when i told her and Dad I was Pregnant at age 15. She did her crying and then it was like a light went on and she said well, this is what we are going to do, and we did it. She helped me through my pregnancy like a pro and she held strong (I about broke her hand litterally)and so did my poor daddy LOL through the delivery of my son travis and from then on her and my Dad were there by mine and Travis' side. She never tried to take the Mom role with travis it was always clear to him that mom was me but she stepped up and did anything she could to help me make it through as a successful Mother and teenager. Her and my dad allowed me to go out with friends ( not as ofter-n as I wanted sometimes but I am glad they kept the restaints tight) and they would babysit and I atribute me not screwing up and wanting to party later in my life to them allowing me to experience the teen life while all along being a responsible parent. I know I have made my mistakes but my Mom has always been by my side. Helping me to this day. I still call her daily just to say HI and also for advice sometimes and she always seems to help. My son Travis wouldn't be the boy he is today either if it wasn't for my Mom and Dad of course. He is a very smart boy who although is rough around the edges sometimes is a very kind hearted 12 year old. He and my Mom have a special bond that most kids don't get to have with their Grandmas. I wrote this in honor of my mom but i also wanted to say my Dad was right by my moms side helping to and being there for me and travis. I LOVE YOU MOM and THANK U

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Grandpa today

Well this is just a quick update on Grandpa today. I went to see grandpa today and my sister and my mom were both there to and Grandpa was in a great mood considering where he is. He would look at me and when I would say what grandpa he would look right at me and say "What!!" like a smart alick(sp?) We told him he had some cute nurses and he lowered and raised his eyebrows as if to say yeah i know LOL I know that he could have a different day tomorrow but I sure do hope he has many more days like today before he goes to see Grandma. I know what is going to happen sooner than we want but it is so nice to spend a little time with him and joke with him once again. He really is a wonderful man and is loved dearly. Oh yeah and we had the nicest lady come in who worked in the cafeteria and offer us some of the extra food she had on her cart (we said no nicely lol) and she was so sweet and said she went to the chapel earlier and prayed for my Grandpa and that was so kind of her. A total strager took her time to go to the chapel and pray for a man she knew nothing about. Much like all of you also praying for a man you don't personally know. i just wanted to say Thank you all so much for your kind prayers for a wonderful man who i hope you get to know through mine and my moms posts. Again THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cub Scout Community Service

This is a picture of my cub scout Dakota, he is 7 years old and LOVES being a part of cub scouts. Well what we did today was really special for these boys. We went to one of the BIG parks here and did some community service. We brought rakes and trash bags and the boys picked up the big sticks and all kinds of trash while me and the other moms raked up the smaller sticks into BIG piles so the park workers could mow without hitting all the sticks. It was a HUGE job but the boys were so very proud that they had done something that was going to help the workers and make the park look nicer. While we were there the boys went to the pavilion to check for trash and sticks and there was a family setting up for a wedding reception so they were so excited that they got to clean up around there for them so the reception would look even nicer. There was a TON of trash around the pavilion and those boys worked really hard but when we got done they stepped back and said wow it looks really nice here now and this family doesn't have to do it. You could see the pride on thier faces. I am proud of all my boys. Travis with his baseball and football, Cody with his baseball and soccer and Austin for just being a cool kid due to the fact that he is to young for sport but there is something special about my Dakota. He is such a bright child and loves to help and know that he did something good even though he doesn't always get a thank you or any recagnition for his work. He has such a great outlook on life. I am one proud cub scout mommy.

Friday, May 1, 2009

My Grandpa

As you all probably know from reading my moms blog my Grandpa is very sick with Liver Cancer. Well I talked to my mom this morning and grandpa is declining really fast and I am asking for your prayers and my mom will probably ask for them to. She is probably going to put him in the hospital sometime soon. My Grandpa is an AMAZING man. He was in the service but I don't know a lot about him during that time of his life. What I do know about him is he is my Grandpa and I love him dearly. When I was young if I got sick my mom would take me over to Grandma and Grandpas house and my grandma was a germaphobe you might say so she woud put sheets covering the couch and would lay a blanket on the couch for me to cover up with and a pillow to lay my head on. She would turn on cartoons for me and on the couch i would stay unless i had to go to the bathroom and then she would follow me arrownd with the lysol can lol. My Grandpa knew I hated staying on the couch so he would come in and watch TV. That time with Grandpa was really special to me and I will always cherrish that time we had together. Another memory I have at thier house is graham crackers and milk. This i think is my favorite. My grandparents were not the type of people to sit or let anyone else sit on their counters but I would go over there and grandpa would get me a glass of milk and a plate with Graham crackers and he would sit me up on the counter and let me eat my graham crackers and milk up on the counter. I was the only person ever allowed to do this not even my sister and brother were allowed to so i felt like the most special person in the world. My grandparents watched my son travis for quite a few months after I went back to school and Grandpa would take travis and show him off to EVERYONE. I would come to pick him up from thier house and there was my son laying on a blanket it the middle of the table with his great grandparent sitting on either side of him like he was a center piece. I know travis doesn't know this but I think that was some of my grandparents favorite times, just sitting and watching him sleep and also showing him off of course. Well those are just a few out of many memories i have of my grandparents. Please pray for him and pray that god is merciful to him. We don't want to lose him but we all know he is hurting and he wants to be with his wife again. I wish i had a picture but I don't have one at the moment. I'm sure you have seen them on my moms page though. Thank you all.