All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Not Excited My FOOT!!!!!!!

Well I sent the boys off to a new school year yesterday. They tried to tell me they were not excited....but I knew better ;)

Austin picked out his clothes for his first day of !st grade. Notice the COOL Spiderman shirt and his new Sketchers. He wanted to look good for his teacher LOL. When he got home he ran in and said "today was the BEST day EVER Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!" so I think it was a good day LOL. Oh and Austin was most excited about the fact that the LOVE of his life Katey is in his class. He would sing that Justin Beiber song "Baby, Baby, Baby OOOHHHH" to her last year LOL.

Dakota is all about looking cool also lol. He found those "skater" shoes and loved the fact that he could have two different color shoe laces. That combined with his new "awesome" shirt he was ready for his first day of 4th grade. When he came home he told me that he liked his teacher she is nice, he has quite a few friends in his class and his girlfriend from last year is in there to and apparently they are still together LOL.

Travis has entered a new stage in his life.....HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He started his first day of his Freshman year with a heart monitor on him LOL. He is fine he had an EKG done for his sports physical and the Doc thought she saw something off about it so she sent him to a Cardiologist just to be safe and that Doc says all is good as long as his 24 hour heart monitor results come back fine...and they will. Now if we could stop him from getting concussions in football and wrestling we would be good LOL. The heart Doc actually said if he gets any more concussions he wants him to go see a Neurologist to look at his head...I wonder what he will find up there...HMMMMMM I might take him just to check LOL.

I would say all in all they had a great first day of school and a great start to a new school year :) I must say I sent some handsome young men off to those schools yesterday.

Monday, May 16, 2011

When he was born he was only 4lb2oz and he was the tiniest baby I had ever held. The nurses kept coming into the room and offering to hold him for me because normally a baby his size was in the NICU and they never got to hold them that small. I was so scared I would break him he was so tiny. He has always been on the small side but always kept up or passed the other kids his age intellectually . When he was 1 the Doctors told me he had a hole in his heart. It was called an Atrial Septal Defect. We worried over that for quite a long time and finally in July 2007 they went in and repaired his broken heart with orders to keep him on bed rest for a few days when we returned home. Of course that was exactly what we PLANNED to do lol. We got home and sat him on the couch and started preparing for him to sleep in the living room with Mommy. Well as we prepared to do this he decided he was going to jump off the couch and start running around the house. It was at that moment I knew we were in the clear and the worst was behind us. He is now a big 6 year old today. With a healthy heart and energy I only could dream of having. He told me today he would always be my baby but he was six now so he was a big kid to everyone else. I am so proud of him he is growing up so fast and doing so great in school and growing into such a remarkable little man. I love the way he walks around and acts like such a BIG kid and hangs out with his older brothers as if he was the same age as all of them and then still makes time to sit and snuggle with Mommy and Daddy before bedtime (to avoid going to bed but I will take it). Happy Birthday Austin Joshua. Mommy and Daddy Loves You!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hello There

Hello there Bloggy World!!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and If you are a Mom then i hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!! My Mother's Day was like any other day (we don't usually do much for it) but Austin did make me a beautiful picture!!!! I went grocery shopping, cleaned the house, made lunch, did laundry, made dinner and then we sat down and had family movie night. It was a normal day but my boys made sure they were extra nice to me at least LOL. It is warming up fast out there today. It was in the 90's yesterday and Sunday and the same today and then the rest of the week will be in the 60's and 70's. Got to LOVE Missouri weather!!! Have a GREAT week everyone!!

Friday, April 29, 2011

Most Dependable

This is youngest son. I am pretty darn proud of him!!!!

Why am I soooooo PROUD!!!!!!!!!!!! Because on top of being an amazing little man and son he received an award this morning for being The Most Dependable child in his class. Now at home being dependable means you can depend on him to kick and punch his brothers and talk about things later lol or you can depend on him to give you the puppy dog eyes in order to get his way LOL (you know the look lol) but I have a feeling being dependable at school means she can depend on him to do his best and be nice to his friends and listen in class and do as he is told when he is told :) I have four wonderful kids each with his own personality and Austin has a BIG personality that is just so much fun. It is fun to learn all the new things he learns because when he tells you about what he has learned it is told with such enthusiasm that it is like I am learning something new to. Remember this face above because he is going to go far in life and you will likely see again LOL.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

It's A Wonderful Life

10 years ago today I married my best friend. He has made me so HAPPY!!!!!!! He took my son in his heart as his own and has loved him as his own since then. He has given me a wonderful step son and two sweet little boys to add to the mix. I am so proud to call him my husband. He has a die hard love for his family and loves me to the ends of the earth and back. I couldn't ask for anything more. I am so BLESSED to have him in my life. I can't believe it has already been 10 years but at the same time it seems like we have been together forever.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everyone :) I hope you all have a wonderful wonderful day. We are headed out to Mom and Dads house in a little while to have some Easter fun!!! I am sure you will see pictures soon from me or my Mom ( punkin ). You know how much she loves to show off her Grand kids.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One Special Kid

I have four wonderfully smart and kind boys....but today i want to talk (brag) about my oldest son, Travis. Travis is 14 (almost 15) and showes us all the time that he is a very kind hearted boy. The other day I got a call from his GTT (gateway to technology) teacher. She called me and said...."Mrs. Rummerfield? " I said "yes" and she then said "this is Travis' GTT teacher" of course my first thought was oh no what happened now. (my son is very outspoken and gets in trouble for it often ) she said "I just wanted to call you and brag on your WONDERFUL son..." here is why..."in my class we have two young ladies that are special needs girls. No one really ever wants to sit with them much less help them because of how other kids will make fun of them. Your son doesn't care what other say about him. From the beginning he volunteered to share a table with these two girls and has been nothing but kind to them. Everyday he helps them with their work and before they turn in an assignment he will check their work and make sure it is correct. If it isn't correct he will sit down with them and show them what they did wrong and what they have to do to correct the problem. Today after being gone sick for 3 days he came in and we had a little problem.... both girls wanted to be partners, something I try not to do since it is more difficult to teach with them together. Travis said it was fine he would work with them so she could teach the class. He worked with them and showed them what they were suppose to be doing and how to do it the whole time being so patient and kind to both girls. He never judges them or makes them feel like they are less of a person because of their disabilities. I just wanted to let you know you have a remarkable son and he is number 1 in my book." It was so nice to get a nice phone call from a teacher ( that is not always the case) and it is nice to know that my son seems to have a very kind heart and a great attitude towards the world and what is important and what isn't. I am soooooooo proud of him and how grown up he is. He makes me smile everyday and I am so blessed to have him as my son, my first born. He will be setting such wonderful examples for his brothers and I hope they follow in his footsteps.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Hello There

Hello there blogging world!! I was reading my sister Tessa's (Tmarie) blog and she had a blog with random facts about herself and I really liked it. I thought it might be fun to post a little about who I am since no one really knows a lot about me :) So here we go ......

(many of you already know this but) I have the greatest parents a girl could ask forwho helped me through so many hard times and continue to do so all the time.

I secretly love being short LOL

I LOVE the color yellow but it doesn't love me

I have a fascination with purses and shoes

I love to cook and have 4 wonderful boys and a wonderful husband to use as testers

I have three favorite movies... Mary Poppins, The Notebook and drum roll please...Dirty Dancing!!!

I wish I could go back to Collage and become a Special Education Teacher

I love children and am very blessed to be able to watch them everyday

I love to sing and dance and my boys think I am a dork because I will break out in song and dance at anytime LOL

I LOVE cartoons even at age 30

and lastly I LOVE being a Mom and have for 14 (almost 15) years

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Zipper scar

My step son Cody is a very tall boy....he stands 5'11" at age 13. Well this fast growth at such a young age caused a major problem for Cody. We noticed about a year ago that his chest had a huge dent in it. His Mom took him to the Dr. to get it checked out and it turned out his ribs on his left side were not growing toward his sternum and protecting his lung and heart the ribs were turning in towards his spin and moving his heart out of the way and starting to squeeze his lung. He started having shortness of breath a few times and the connective tissue in there was getting inflamed. Well the Dr. decided he need to have surgery to correct this problem before it got worse but insurance decided the surgery would not be covered because it "cosmetic" in there books. It had to be life threatening for regular insurance to cover it. We then reached out to The Shriners Hospital. That organization is AMAZING!!!!!! They agreed to do Cody's surgery.....for FREE!!!!!! It was a very expensive surgery and they did it for free. I was so amazed a felt like our families had been bless. Cody had his surgery on Monday. It was 4 hours long and it is a 6 month recovery process. They went in and cut 3" off 4 ribs on one side and 2" off 3 ribs on the other side. they then used "bone cement" to connect the ribs back to the sternum and they but in a metal rod to hold his ribs in place till they heal in about 6 months and then they will go in and take the rod back out in 6 months. He has a long road for recovery ahead of him but he is a strong kiddo and will do great!! He is going to come stay with us for about a week when he is able to ride in a car for 2 hours without to much pain. Cody will soon have a "zipper scar" to show off LOL and when his Great Grandpa on his Moms side gets out of the hospital after having heart surgery they are going to stand together and compare/show off their "zipper scars"