All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Friday, August 13, 2010

School Days

Ok this one is short but sweet.....We went to open house at our youngest boys Dakota and Austin's school. Dakota is going into the Third grade and is kind of excited kind of not to be going back to school. Austin is going into Kindergarten, he went to summer school for a few weeks and LOVED it!!!! We went in last night to drop off his school supplies and meet his teacher Ms. Miller. Austin went into the classroom like a pro. He was a little shy towards his teacher but overcame that pretty fast. He found his spot at the table and unloaded his supplies where he was suppose to and hung his backpack on a hook on the wall. He went over and sat in one of the bean bag chairs and looked around and said "why does everyone keep leaving?" We were busy filling out papers so we didn't answer him at that time so he just sat there watching everyone. We finished filling out papers and meeting his teacher and said "ok buddy get your bag we got to go " he stopped in his tracks and said "WHAT!!!! I thought we were staying!!!" He then looked like a deflated balloon lol. We said "we aren't staying tonight hun we are just here to meet you teacher and drop off your supplies." He hung his head and started to get upset and his teacher looked at him and said "AWWWW buddy we will see you next week though.....and then looked at me with her sad eyes like she felt so bad for him. He soooo has her already wrapped around his finger lol. Austin has BIG brown eyes and has a REALLY good pouty face! She is putty in his hands and school hasn't even begun.


Deanna said...

Austin is going to do great in school. So is Dakota. They are both so sweet and irresistable.

I love it that he is so excited about going to school. That is half the battle.

His poor teacher isn't going to know what hit here ;)

Toriz said...

Sounds like Austin made a good first impression. ;)

AliceKay said...

I'm glad Austin's so excited about going to school, too. By the looks of the papers he's holding out in the picture, he's gonna do well. And you're probably right about the teacher being putty in his hands. LOL

Good luck to both Austin and Dakota.

Intense Guy said...


I'm sure both of them will enjoy school when they get back into it!

I know they won't believe us dumb adults... but I'd tell them to enjoy school while they are in it!!! Its the funnest time in life.