All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Friday, August 19, 2011

Not Excited My FOOT!!!!!!!

Well I sent the boys off to a new school year yesterday. They tried to tell me they were not excited....but I knew better ;)

Austin picked out his clothes for his first day of !st grade. Notice the COOL Spiderman shirt and his new Sketchers. He wanted to look good for his teacher LOL. When he got home he ran in and said "today was the BEST day EVER Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!" so I think it was a good day LOL. Oh and Austin was most excited about the fact that the LOVE of his life Katey is in his class. He would sing that Justin Beiber song "Baby, Baby, Baby OOOHHHH" to her last year LOL.

Dakota is all about looking cool also lol. He found those "skater" shoes and loved the fact that he could have two different color shoe laces. That combined with his new "awesome" shirt he was ready for his first day of 4th grade. When he came home he told me that he liked his teacher she is nice, he has quite a few friends in his class and his girlfriend from last year is in there to and apparently they are still together LOL.

Travis has entered a new stage in his life.....HIGH SCHOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He started his first day of his Freshman year with a heart monitor on him LOL. He is fine he had an EKG done for his sports physical and the Doc thought she saw something off about it so she sent him to a Cardiologist just to be safe and that Doc says all is good as long as his 24 hour heart monitor results come back fine...and they will. Now if we could stop him from getting concussions in football and wrestling we would be good LOL. The heart Doc actually said if he gets any more concussions he wants him to go see a Neurologist to look at his head...I wonder what he will find up there...HMMMMMM I might take him just to check LOL.

I would say all in all they had a great first day of school and a great start to a new school year :) I must say I sent some handsome young men off to those schools yesterday.


Deanna said...

You definitely have some handsome and sweet men. Where's the picture of the beautiful woman in their lives? And, no, I don't mean those "girlfriends"!

Apparently Travis made it back home with that $2,500 heart monitor without incident. Whew!

It breaks my heart to see how big my grandchildren have gotten. We have no babies anymore. But I am very proud of the wonderful individuals they have become.

Love you.

Osage Bluff Quilter said...

What handsome boys you have! I know their grandparents are very proud of them!
Thanks for being my 100th follower!

Toriz said...

I'm glad they enjoyed their first day back at school so much! :)

Hope the results from the heart monitor come back as good as you hope they will. :)

AliceKay said...

Nice looking group of boys you have there. Sounds like they all had a great first day. I hope the rest of the year goes as well. Aren't you glad their girlfriends are still in their classes? :)

I hope no problem shows up on the heart monitor Travis had to wear. I had to wear a heart monitor for a month a couple of years ago. Kind of a hassle, but the doctor thought it was necessary. I'm sure Travis' doctor just wanted to be sure there were no problems. No more concussions for Travis would be good, too. I always worry about kids and their sports injuries. I've had head CT scans done before, and whenever I'd ask if they found a brain, I'd get a smart remark in return. LOL

Thanks for sharing your boys' first day of school with us. Nice to see their smiling faces. :)