All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Sunday, June 7, 2009

Very Cool Discovery

My husband Doug, step-son Cody, friend Matt and Me went to another 3D bowshoot today and it was a Lot of fun. Doug took 3rd, Cody took 5th and I took 2nd (first time I ever placed WOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!) We got done shooting the first part of this bow shoot and walking out of the woods Cody stepped over the cutest little turtle. He was about the size of a half dollar and we named him little bit or at least until Austin renames him LOL. As I was looking for a container to keep little bit in till we were done shooting our friend larry said in a whisper "Julie come look at this". I walk up the hill a little and what do i see but this cute little terrified fawn. Its momma must have been scared away thismorning while the people came to set up for the shool. We are a little worried that there will be so much human scent that the momma won't comen back to it. it stood there most of the day just shaking I felt so bad for it but kne i couldn't keep everything so I settled for the turtle (it can't jump a fence LOL). This is our little friends.


AliceKay said...

I'm sure the mom came back for her fawn...human scent or not. Very good pics.

I hope the turtle enjoys his/her new home with you. :)

And congrats on placing 2nd in the shoot!

Intense Guy said...

Oh wow! Congrats on SECOND place!!

If they had ever shouted, "Round up the wagons, Jewelz family are on the warpath!" those early settlers would have been goners.

Lucky Little Bit, he got adopted by a cool family - he must think he's got it made now.

I hope momma came back for her little darling - that is one cute deer - and some excellent pictures.

Karla said...

Congrats on the place!

I never could keep a turtle..mother wouldn't let me :-(

Cute was probably watching nervously from a distance..and when it calmed down she hopefully went back....

LadyStyx said...

~gorgeous~ shot of the fawn! So lucky to see wildlife like that so close.

Deanna said...

Wow Julie that photo of the fawn is cool. I'm sure mama came back to get Bambi when it was safe.

Congratulations to all three of you on placing at the bow shoot. Second place is totally awesome!

I don't have to ask which one of your kids (Dakota) adopted the turtle.

Tori_z said...

Hope Mama came back for little Bambi. Poor little thing must have been so scared.

Also hope your new little turtle likes his (or her?) new home.