All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Travis has started football practice and games start in two weeks. He is a go get 'em kinda kid. He likes to pick out the biggest kid on his team right from the start and take them on even though he knows that they will knock him on his butt. He likes to show the coaches he is not afraid of any of the guys no matter how big they are. Well he came home last night and was telling me about practice and how he took on the two biggest kids on the team and although he said he thinks the coaches thought he was tough for taking them on he lifted his shirt and showed me the full cleete mark right under where his pads stopped. Apparently one of the big guys he took on fell and his cleete somehow connected with Travis' chest. Travis tried to explain how it happened but i still can't visualise it. Then he woke up this morning and said his wrist hurt I am guessing from two weeks of tackling huge dudes in pads I am just waiting for the phone call that he is injured at practice or go to a game and he gets injured it won't suprise me at all. I have to prepare myself for injuries so if they don't happen I will be happy lol. have a great week everyone and hope that travis comes out of this football season without any MAJOR injuries.


Tori_z said...

Hope Travis doesn't end up with any serious injuries. Good luck to him in all games he plays. :)

Intense Guy said...

I hope Travis enjoys his games and stays unmaimed.

I'm a guy and I'm still shaking my head over his wanting to go out and get whacked.

Deanna said...

For some reason, I understand his drive... but as grandma, I worry about him. I know how determined he is and it scares me. I'll be there at his games biting my nails along with you!

AliceKay said...

Good luck to Travis and his football team. Hears hoping he has a great season with very little injury.

Having a child in sports can be scary sometimes. My son played tennis (not so bad) but was also on the high school swimming and diving team. He was one of the few divers they had on the team. I have video of some pretty close calls of his head almost hitting the board. Sometimes you hear everyone in the bleachers gasp when he was so close. He finished 4th in the entire district his senior year and finished his career with pretty high scores.

I'm late for work so better get moving. Hang in there, mom....Travis will be fine.

jewelzmomof4 said...

Thank you all for the well wishes and good luck for Travis. Iggy he loves football and baseball but if he ever had to choose he would choose football. He just loves it. Mom i am glad to know you will be there wringing your hads with me while all the time cheering him on. AliceKay I always like watching swimming my middle son Dakota tells me he wants to be a swimmer lol not sure why he can't really swim very well yet but if he keeps at it then heck why not.

ChicagoLady said...

Travis sounds like he has the right mindset for Football. Hopefully he'll make it through the season without any serious injuries.