All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Thursday, May 13, 2010

One of the Bravest Little Men

Austin came to me the other day and said "mommy my toof horts" (tooth hurts lol). I looked in his mouth and discovered he had a cavity in one of his molars. He was in a lot of pain so we eased it for the night with Tylenol and Ibuprofen and Orajel. I got him an appointment this morning for a visit to the dentist. Grandma Haslag (aka..Punkin) was kind enough to take Austin this morning due to me and Doug not being able to and the fact that I have a HUGE fear of dentists. He went in to have the Dentist look at his tooth and fill the cavity. hour and a half later Mom called me to tell me how things went. She informed me that Austin deserve an award for the Bravest Little Man Around!!! (or something like that lol). She then told me all they did to my little man. The Dentist told my Mom that Austin needed 1 filling and 1 tooth pulled and a spacer put in to keep the teeth from messing up as they grew. He informed my Mom that normally he would put a kid Austins age in the hospital and put him under to do the procedure. He asked my mom if she wanted to wait and do that or just go for it since Austin was being so big. Of course being the smart Grandma she is she said "heck go for it he is being a big brave boy."They gave him laughing gas (which btw made him a little loopy acting later in the day lol.....he has been CRAZY!!) he looked like an elephant. Grandma said he layed in that chair like a big boy with his legs crossed and let them work on him and then got done and went to the store for soft food and a special Spider man toy as a reward from Grandma. Thank you Mom for being such a great Grandma Austin is really excited because the dentist told him that since he was soooo brave the tooth fairy would be extra generous lol.


Deanna said...

He was wonderful. The one thing the Dr. said was when taking a kid to the dentist, never mention getting a shot or that their might be pain. Because if the dentist is doing his job right, they'll never know they are getting a shot (the gum will be too numb) and their will be no pain. This guy was great.

Austin wouldn't admit when his gum was numb. The dentist kept touching his gum with his tool and asking Austin if he felt that. Austin would say yes. Finally he did it again and Austin said yes. The dr. hadn't touched him at all. That is how we figured out he was numb enough to start working. What a kid!

Intense Guy said...

Inquiring minds want to know how generous the Toof Fairy wuz...


Toriz said...

Awwww! He's such a brave little man!

AliceKay said...

He was a real trooper. I'm glad things went so well for him and he was able to get the bad tooth out of there before it caused him more pain. Great job, Austin.

I wish my dentist would numb the gum before giving the novacaine shot. He hasn't done that in like forever. :\

And you're right...Austin has a smart and special grandmother.

jewelzmomof4 said...

Mom...I really appreciate you taking him. He keeps saying "I got my toof out and my Grandma took me!! " LOL
Iggy.....the toof fairy gave him 5 dollars for all his pain and suffering and because that toof had the BIGGEST roots I have EVER seen!!!
Tori I wish the Dentist would numb me to before doing any shots to.