All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Moms Birthday!!!!!

Ok everyone today is my dear mothers birthday so don't forget to send her birthday wishes. I have a treat for you all. Since today is her birthday i want to talk about my Mom Deanna. Well she is going to kill me but I am going to tell a few of her funny stories she wishes to keep quiet but I think you all deserve a treat.

The first story is kinda short. As a child we would be getting ready for school or church and my Mom would be walking around saying "has anyone seen my coffee? I can't find my coffee!!!" and as usual one of us kids or my Dad would say "did you check the closet? " and shortly after that question was asked she would say" I found it!!!" and then we would all laugh at her LOL. So to this day if she says I can't find this or that we laugh and say " did you check the closet?"

I have quite a few stories but I don't want to give away all my laughs in one blog.

The last one is so funny this happened quite a few years ago Mom went down the Blvd. and decided she wanted a blizzard so she pulled in the drive through and" said I would like a blizzard" and the person said "a what?" and mom said " A BLIZZARD!!!! " and then this person asked again " A WHAT!!! " and mom getting frustrated said " A BLIZZARD!!!!!!!" and tis person said " mam please pull around to the next window." So my dear mother pulled around to the next window and the person at the window looked at her and said" I think you are wanting to be over there at DQ you are at Wendy's" LOL Mom looked next door to see that she had pulled into the wrong place and was demanding a Blizzard from Wendy's LOL I don't remember if she got her blizzard or not LOL

Oh man I have so many more going through my head but i better save them.


Intense Guy said...

Happy Birthday Jewelz' Mom!!


So what do we have to pay ya in order for ya to spill her age and some other good stories?


jewelzmomof4 said...

LOL there is no way!!! she would KILL me if I said what her age is. LOL as far as other good stories weeeelllllll.............. hehehehehehehehehehehe.........

Deanna said...

LOL Julie, I KNEW I shouldn't have encouraged you to join the blog world!

I was too embarrassed to go next door to DQ for the blizzard - I went home.

And as far as my age... that's no secret! I'm 57 and proud of it!

Love you dear, but God'll get you for this post. I've already talked to Him about it...

jewelzmomof4 said...

LOL well mom i feel that it is my duty as your daughter to inform the world of how funny you can be sometimes. I wouldn't tell your age ever that is your job and now that you have informed everyone of your age I have to add that she looks AMAZING FOR 57 hey I am telling the truth there but I am also trying to get back into her good graces. LOL I LOVE YOU MOM

ChicagoLady said...

Cute stories! Will pop over and leave b'day wishes for your mom on her blog.

LadyStyx said...

*laffz* I put up a special post for her... ~grinz evilly~

AliceKay said...

LOL...loved the Blizzard story. (i would be too embarrassed too, Deanna)