All my Handsome men

All my Handsome men
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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our CRAZY weekend

Well this weekend was our annual Murph-A-Palooza and it was a Blast. We call it that because the guy who's house we have this party at his last name is Murphy. Last year was the first of many more Murph-A-Palooza and I thought the reason for the party was just for the fun of it but it wasn't all the guys thier wives got together and passed around a TIP jar and I thought it was for us who had put in so much tiime and money and used our personal equipment for the party to help cover costs but it wasn't. At about midnight that night Murphy (we call him that instead of his real name) came to me and my husband with about $350 buck raised by our friends and even some of thier parents (people who don't even know us) to help cover the cost of our son Austins surgery coming up in July. I cried like a baby for about 20 minutes. I knew I had some pretty cool frinds but WOW!!!! This was amazing to me. I love my friends.

Well back to this years Murph-A-palooza. At this party we dress up as different rock stars or invent one of our own. Then we play Rock Band until well into the morning (4:30am this year). Well needless to say we partied like crazy this year and had such a great time. Thank You Mom and Dad for watching the boys so we could have our fun (this is the only time each year that we actually party the rest of the year we are pretty conservative belive it or not LOL). Well are you ready to see me and my husband and our crazy night here you go.

(first photo)
This is Slash andBetty Boop making an appearance.

(second photo)
me aka Lady Gaga (attempt at her anyways) and Doug my hubby aka Dr. Mount it (invented rocker, my husband does taxidermy that is why the name is that). (third photo) the host Murphy aka Sylent Beat. (fourth photo) Justin and Marsha aka Tragidy and his groupie LOL

(fifth photo) is my husband again rockin out LOL. (sixth photo) John A and Judy aka Alice Cooper and his groupie made an appearance. (seventh photo ) John W aka Gene Simons. (eighth photo) this is our group that always play rock band together our name is Taxidermical Insanity (my husband and the guys came up with the name LOL) and last is a close up of me don't know why. LOL We are normal people I promise. Well I hope you enjoyed seeing us dressed up.


Deanna said...

You guys are insane!!!! I loved the photos. You must take after your dad - I'd never be wild and crazy like that ;)
I guess you really weren't ready to get those boys back at 11:00, huh. We would have kept them longer but we had a full day of crap to take care of. They were a lot of fun. I think they really enjoyed making donuts Sunday morning.

Intense Guy said...

Well now... there goes my menal image of you puff... right up in smoke.

:) That looks like a way cool gang of people (with big hearts too!)

The guy that did Kiss' Gene Simmons had me fooled!

Karla said...

wow you sure you didn't have the real Gene Simmons there? did you ck? Sounds like a wonderful time. Cept I'd never make it cause I'm terrible at Rock Band LOL

LadyStyx said...

Looks like alotta fun! Sure, ya mom blames the Y-Chromosome (ya dad) but I suspect she's throwing a smokescreen and she was just as wild as him.

AliceKay said...

Wow, what awesome friends you have for doing something like that for you. Very cool pics, too!

Tori_z said...

Glad you enjoyed yourselves. Everyone deserves the chance to do that sometimes. :)